the deli

NONNA integrates beautifully with our own homegrown deli, simply known as The Deli. While our esteemed restaurant is set to meet everyone's needs, some visitors may not be able to keep out of the gardens. If so, you are invited to select an indulgent picnic basket from The Deli stocked with locally produced charcuterie, cheeses, breads and homegrown culinary delights.

The Deli staff will assist you in constructing your picnic basket or you may select our off-the-shelf meats or vegetarian options. Picnic blankets and baskets are yours to hire and the garden offers abundant grasslands and some picnic chairs and tables for you to choose from.

The Deli delights will change from time to time but you can be assured of a constant supply of Mediterranean delights, a choice of breads and of course sweet treats galore. 



A picnic basket for 2 to enjoy in our magnificent gardens for R460. 

Caprese cups (cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cubes, basil pesto, and fresh basil); Roasted bacon-wrapped potato wedges served with a sweet chilli dip; Aubergine croquette served with Dijon mustard mayo; Chicken stir-fry stuffed pita bread; Cajun tortilla chips; Peppermint crisp crunchies; Creamy blueberry dessert pots.

Booking is essential. Valid until the end of August 2019. Enquire with The Deli to book.

The Deli at Makaranga